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Diamonds are precious stones that adorn Jewellery which makes them more dazzling and expensive. A natural diamond is known as the hardest substance on earth and can be really expensive as they are hard to mine and refine. Therefore Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers avails both natural and simulated diamonds to produce high-quality jewelry pieces. If you are looking for conflict-free diamonds, it the best place to buy loose diamonds for sale.

The Types of Diamond We Avail

Our lab-created and lab-grown diamonds for your Jewellery share similar properties with naturally produced diamonds, which means they are just like natural diamonds. You cannot find any visual difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds; the only difference would be one is grown in the lab, and the other grows in the earth, respectively.

They share the same sparkle, types of color, clarity and comes in the same sizes and shapes. In our diamond collection, you can find information about the authenticity of each of them with knowing if they are GIA, IGI, HRD certified loose diamonds or not. You will know the quality of eachof them without being a professional through the information described in the certificates.

These certificates would protect you from deception and provide you insights into their values. Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers provide varied cuts of loose diamonds ranging from oval, marquise, heart, emerald, cushion, Asscher, pear, round, radiant, and princess cut diamonds.

Reasons to Choose Us

We produce premium quality diamonds; not even a trained eye can differentiate between the lab diamonds and the natural ones. Even the traditional jewelers’ tools like microscopes or loupes would be unable to detect any contrasting characters. The only way to know their originality is to look through their certification. All the natural and synthetic diamonds of Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers are high quality, starting from 0.25 carat with excellent colors and cuts.

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