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What is the Most Popular Wedding Ring Style?

April 16, 2021
Wedding Band Trends 2021

A wedding ring symbolizes your eternal bond, and thus, it is important to find such an exquisite piece that you will love for the rest of your life. When it comes to Wedding ring trends 2021, the uncertainties of the previous year have made the buyers cautious about their spending. For 2021, they are leaning more towards simple designs that minimalistic and classic. The idea is to save money to spend it on a better stone.

Keeping that in mind, here’s presenting you the most popular wedding ring styles for this year:

Simple Solitaire Rings

With simplicity reigning supreme in 2021 and minimalism making its comeback, wedding ring buyers can look for the ring that is a timeless classic to get you back to basics. The wedding band trends prove the simpler the design, the higher budget you can allocate to a sizeable diamond. Of course, simple designs does not mean boring. You can explore various ways to design engagement rings nowadays. You can have the metal work completely unfussy, plain, and smooth or shake things up with a split shank or tapered band.

Most Popular Solitaire Wedding Ring with Yellow Gold

Crossover Twisted Wedding Rings

This is one of the most popular fashion jewellery trends that has made its way into the wedding scene. The twisted band makes your wedding ring stand-out like no other and the design is unique and cool to look at. It is all about mixing a thin diamond band with another plain band to create a design that is subtle, simple, and attractive. The key to a great twisted wedding ring is to keep the design as simple as possible because anything chunky would affect the elegance of the design.

Crossover Twisted Wedding Rings with White Gold

Halo Wedding Rings

You would notice Halo rings feature on top of the most popular wedding rings styles every time for one reason. It is not only a classic design, but also looks a bit dressier than solitaire rings. The Halo rings will continue to be perpetually stylish and super refined. If you are aiming for a striped-back look, go for a scallop or pave set halo without any diamond on the band. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wedding ring that remains in fashion for years after your big day?

Matching Wedding Ring Sets with Rose Gold

Hidden Halo Wedding Rings

With the buyers looking for simple designs this year, the manufacturers are being asked to incorporate little things to set apart the most expensive wedding rings. So, you will see an increasing use of subtle details that only the buyers and the wearers would notice, such as small gemstones or hidden halos inside the band of the rings.

Since matching wedding ring sets are bought to wear for a lifetime, the buyers are all about high-quality and durable crafting. So, in addition to looking for a ring that is minimalistic and refined, make sure you also pay attention to its make.

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