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What is a Bespoke Engagement Ring?

May 4, 2022

Anything that is customized to suit your taste and style will take time and bespoke engagement rings are the ones which you don’t find on the shelves when you visit a jewellery store. These are customized according to your design and taste and thus, starting right from the choice of the metal to the design of the ring to its setting everything is just as per your whims and wishes in a bespoke engagement ring.

Bespoke diamond rings

How Long Does a Bespoke Engagement Ring Take?

You have a specific design in mind that you saw one of the celebrities wearing on her engagement or you were amazed by the setting of the diamond in one of the rings you saw on social media and you want to replicate the same for your beloved. Sounds straight from a fairy tale! But the fact is that when you walk to the jewellery store, you might not get the exact design and settings you are looking for. Thus, you will have to opt for a bespoke engagement ring that will be crafted only for you for your big day. Thus, this ring will be peculiar and will take more than the usual time. So to transform the metal into the design of your shape, the people in the jewellery workshop will follow the following process:

  • If you choose a bespoke Engagement Ring which has two metals then casting will be done separately. This is the first step in which the molten metal (gold, silver or platinum) will go into the cast.
  • The work of the mounter begins after the casting phase. During this stage, the ring is assembled and a semi-finished product of the correct size is prepared.
  • The setter comes in at the third step wherein diamonds, gemstones and other rare stones are carefully set on the ring before it is given the final touch.
  • Finishing the ring is the last step in which the ring is extensively polished and cleaned to give it the radiance it truly deserves.
  • Quality control check follows the finishing part so that the bespoke engagement ring adheres to the quality standards set.

This process is not as simple as it sounds. The higher the complexity of the design, the more time will it take and vice versa. While the existing designs have a turnaround time of 4 weeks, bespoke engagement rings can take anything between 6-8 weeks. But this time frame will increase if the design involved is complex and requires expert detailing.

If you are looking for exemplary Bespoke Engagement Ring designs, then visit our store and you will be amazed at what you see.

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