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Wedding Ring Trends 2021: The Most Famous Designs

July 22, 2021
Wedding Ring Trends 2021

Wedding ring sets are specially curated to symbolise one eternal bond of love, and thus, it becomes super important to find the best wedding ring that you will love for the rest of your life. Luckily to keep up with the wedding ring trends 2021, there is a beautiful selection of ring designs specially curated to be loved forever. No matter what your style statement, there’s a wedding ring for every style and personality.

So if you are in search of the best wedding band ideas, then here’s a look at the most famous designs of wedding rings in 2021. This might help you choose your D-Day ring.

Crossover Twisted Wedding Rings with White Gold

Statement Wedding Bands

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ring, one of the most favourite trends currently on the hike in 2021 is the statement wedding band. Statement wedding ring designs are perfect for brides who like to stand out with their pieces and modern statement. The statement rings generally feature precious metal like yellow gold or platinum, and gemstones are embedded on them in sparkling shapes. Another popular style is where multiple bands are stacked together and gemstones for a quirky and elegant look.

His and Hers Wedding Rings

Most popular wedding ring style are not just restricted to brides. Many couples wish to want wedding bands that are complementary with each other. Therefore in the current trends of 2021, there is a huge demand for wedding ring designs for couples. The matching ring designs for bride and groom are ways that symbolise their love for each other. It is an out of the box idea for couples who don’t want to display the price but their love from the wedding rings.

Wedding Band Trends 2021

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Vintage Styles

When we look at the fashion ring trends 2021, you will find that vintage style rings are coming back in the world of engagement rings. We all know that good things always come back, which might be why vintage style rings are trending in the current era. From the delicate and intricate lace detailing to subtle beaded gemstones and mystical diamond cuts, vintage wedding ring styles are winning in the eyes of all the brides who love vintage inspiration. All the gorgeous vintage rings are perfect for creating a unique wedding ring for you.

Jonathan - Mens Diamond Set Wedding Band

 White Gold Bands

While yellow and rose gold bands are always popular, if we talk of the current wedding band trends 2021, gold is making a big comeback again. White gold metal is one of the perfect wedding ring metals, enhancing the vivid sparkle of any stone on your ring. Whether you choose a diamond white gold ring or any other gemstone, this metal will surely set off the colour of all gemstones perfectly.

It’s time you don’t get overwhelmed with the availability of so many wedding ring designs. Take your time and choose the one which suits your personality and style statement.

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