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Wedding Band – How To Put It On?

June 17, 2020
Jonathan - Mens Diamond Set Wedding Band

Everything you wear speaks volume about your personality and distinct elegance. Your wedding ring is a proclamation that you have found the love of your life.  It signifies your intention to stay committed to a soulmate for the rest of your life. But, nowhere does it say that you can’t go chic and fashionable with picking diamond wedding bands and wearing it.

However, when you wear both then engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, you may encounter a strange situation. You may find that both the rings may not fit perfectly with each other. This may lead to a lot of uncomfortable moments when you use your hands for work, studying, outdoor activities, or other tasks.

But worry not. If you do a little resourceful planning, then you can overcome this uncomfortable situation.

What You Should Know About Bridal Jewellery?

Remember that your ring may come in a range of styles designs, metals (Yellow, White, Rose Gold or Pink Gold, Platinum), and gemstone settings. But one fact eclipses all these factors. The person who will be adorning the ring will be the most important aspect of bridal jewellery. It is crucial to consider her expectations and preferences when you set out to buy the adornments from a store. This action will help both of you strengthen your love and bond tawafs each other.

Here are some style recommendations for adorning your wedding bands on the finger. 

–           Notched Style

A notched ring design possesses a unique trait – it has a curve on one of the corners. This helps the wedding ring to fit easily with the engagement ring, thanks to this protrusion. Such an arrangement also helps keep the gemstone intact on top of the ring. It is interesting to note one key point – such design will be applicable in a single direction. Hence the engagement ring can be put on the top or below the band.

Classic Wedding Rings for Men

–           Cradle Style

This is another interesting choice to have for a wedding band for Men and Women. The person can adorn this ring in two styles. Firstly, she can have a frame that comes between the band and engagement ring. Another way is to have the outer frame to act as one of the two rings. 

Yellow Gold Ribbed Wedding Band


  • Elongated Diamond

Why go for a small gemstone at the top, when your ring can be adorned with elongated designs. Right from oval and pear, to emerald cuts, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to elongated diamond designs on the ring.

Blanche Eternity Diamond Wedding Rings

–           Stacked Style

A stacked ring provides a plethora of sorting and arranging options. The wearer can come up with an array of ideas for a customized effect. So your diamond wedding and engagement ring can be prominently featured along with an extra band like an eternity ring. These can be arranged and re-arranged in multiple ways, thus improving the customization effect offered by these rings. 

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

To Summarize

A notched, cradle, fused, and stacked are some of the best styles of wearing wedding bands for couples. These styles enable your wedding and engagement rings to sit flush with each other and call for the perfect romantic symbol.

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