Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

January 22, 2021
Jewellery Gifts for Valentine's Day

Are you planning to go down on your knees to propose your valentine on Valentine’s Day? Nothing can be more enthralling and fascinating than adding an element of perfect surprise to make this day memorable for the rest of your lives. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you must be thinking of what can be a perfect marriage proposal idea which will make your beloved fall head over heels for you.

Go through the following sensational and outstanding Valentine’s Day marriage proposal ideas to spruce up the evening:

Best Places to Propose for Wedding in London

If you are thinking of larger than life proposal idea then rent a private walkway above Tower Bridge or rent your private pod in London Eye or book a room in Shangri-La and let everything else be history. By choosing these iconic locations for proposal you will make the day more impactful and adorable.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal Ideas


Roses and Chocolates

Now this is one drill which will never fail to impress. From filling the bathtub with roses to spreading the magic of red wherever your girlfriend goes, let the flowers spread the message of love you want to convey. Make the day extra sweet by bringing in the best Swizz chocolates from the best stores in the city.

Jewellery Gifts for Him and Her on Valentine’s Day

They say a diamond is a woman’s best friend and from lavish diamond rings to wedding bands, you can pick one to make the proposal look grandeur and opulent. While you do so, make sure you have researched well about her taste regarding the cut and shape of the diamond.

Winter Bandstand

How about proposing on the Battersea Bandstand by decorating it with flowers, balloons, candles and other personalized stuff? Doesn’t it seem straight out of a fairy tale? Well, go ahead and plan something like this for an assured YES.

Private Dining

You can hire The Shard for a private dining experience and add the element of oomph to the proposal you are about to make. With personalized decorations in a room which gives you one of the best views of the city, you can surely pick this proposal idea to make your day extra special.

Hotel Bedroom

Can there be anything more exciting than getting the room decorated by the finest decorators in the town to propose in style? Pick the fanciest hotel around and adorn it with the finest decorations to express your love. And let the celebrations continue through the night.

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Quarantine Engagement Proposal Ideas

Delight and Surprise

Why don’t you design a charm bracelet for her with each charm showing a memory you have shared and the last charm could open up to “MARRY ME”.

Wine Tasting

To make the proposal an inch regal, take your girlfriend for wine tasting in the evening and once you are done with it, let the labels unfurl the magical words “MARRY ME”.

In this season of love, propose in an unmatched style for a confirmed “YES” by getting personalized jewellery from our store and get in touch with our creative minds who will guide you on what is trendy and chic!

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