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This is How Much You Should Spend on a Bespoke Engagement Ring in 2022

June 1, 2022

Buying an engagement ring for your special someone could be an exciting yet nervous time. Taking your relationship to the next level could cause a lot of happiness and anticipation for the future but also the cost of purchasing an engagement ring could also cause some anxiety. This article aims to give you an insight into the average money that you could spend on a bespoke engagement ring.

What Exactly Are Bespoke Engagement Rings?

Bespoke engagement rings are rings that are specially crafted for a specific client or customer. In other words, they are not readily available in the market as they are customized for a particular person. These are ‘custom-made’, created keeping a specific person in mind. Since it can be a long and tedious process selecting the one perfect ring for your special one, most people prefer to buy a customized ring, which makes the whole process easier and even more personal.

Average cost

These rings are a special way of showing someone how much they mean to you and how much you care for them. The average cost of Bespoke Engagement Rings London is £1450 for platinum and £1050 for gold ones. People can also choose to spend more or below this, depending on their budget. Although there is no exact amount available, studies have shown that people tend to spend around £1774 or more on custom-made engagement rings. Moreover, the majority of the people keep their budget below £2000 for the best quality rings.

Buy online

Coe bespoke jewelers are a well-known brand in the selling of engagement rings. They have an exquisite collection of breath taking bespoke diamond engagement rings that can brighten your special one’s face as soon as they see them. Their unique style and top-quality jewelry make their rings one of the best bespoke engagement rings UK.

Furthermore, their collection of Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings for both men and women can blow your mind away. They are antique-looking, classic wedding bands that are manufactured in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. These bands can be recycled hence, making it very ethical. Moreover, their talented craftsmen excel in understanding the customer’s needs, giving you exactly what you desire.

You can easily purchase their bespoke engagement rings online as online stores always have an edge over brick and mortar shops, in their cost. You can find a wide variety of beautiful, elegant-looking rings to make your special day even more special at discounted rates.


As you can see, these engagement rings can be purchased without the need of saving up months of salary, as was traditionally believed. There is also a generational gap when it comes to purchasing customized engagement rings. It is believed that the newer generation is keener on spending around 50% less than the previous generation. At the end of the day, it is not the cost of the ring that matters, but the feelings that are behind it. So, make your next purchase, wisely.

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