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Things To Consider Before Buying An Eternity Ring

February 24, 2021
Diamond Wedding Band Sets

Eternity rings are considered the symbol for everlasting love and reflect the unique bond and commitment two people have between them. This type of ring shall be worn to mark the milestone in a relationship during a wedding occasion, or during the birth of the first child.

If this is your first time about to purchase the diamond eternity bands, then there are two things that you must consider upfront, one is the metal type, and the next is the ring setting:

Choosing The Perfect Metal Type for Eternity Rings

The eternity wedding rings are available in gold and platinum, considered the most used type of metal pieces. The metal type that you are about to choose for the eternity ring should depend on numerous factors. If your loved one tends to wear white metal jewellery, you should be presenting them with an diamond eternity ring made out of white gold or platinum metals. If they have chosen to wear traditional yellow gold, then picking up the yellow gold ring will be a better choice for Women.

Diamond Bridal Sets for Women

The white gold eternity ring shall be the best alternative to platinum or yellow gold ring as they are quite affordable in terms of price rate and reflect the same kind of attractiveness. If budget is not a problem, then you can go with the traditional yellow gold eternity rings.

Choosing The Perfect Eternity Wedding Ring Sets

Ring setting plays a major role in enhancing the overall beauty of the eternity ring, and it should be given importance beforehand placing your eternity ring order. Channel settings, claw settings, and bar settings are the three major types of eternity wedding ring sets, from which you can pick the right one according to your preference.

Eternity Wedding Ring Sets for Women

Channel Eternity Ring Settings

The metal forms in this type of diamond bridal ring sets do form up a channel by the edges of the ring to which the stones are about to be set in the first place. This modern setting and variant shall go well with princess cut diamonds, round gemstones, and baguette diamonds.

Claw Eternity Ring Settings

This particular ring setting makes use of the traditional method to the gemstones in the required places along with the metal setting that runs sideways to the stones. It goes well with the claw-set diamond type of eternity ring and round stones. The setting does provide enough space for the light to enter and pass through the stone, letting the ring sparkle when witnessed from any angle.

Diamond Eternity Rings for Women

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Bar Eternity Ring Settings

The stones in this type of ring setting get placed separately using the metal bars. This contemporary type of eternity ring plays a major role in enhancing the gemstones’ design part. The ring allows light to pass through, creating the much-needed sparkling experience to admire the entire piece of jewellery from every other angle.

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