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Marriage Proposal Ideas for Love to Prevail In COVID-19

October 21, 2020
Quarantine Engagement Proposal Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has put everything to a stop. Due to the lockdown, it is getting impossible for people to leave their houses and socialise. Also, public modes of transport are out of use as a necessary measure of social distancing.

Many people are out of their employment as they cannot commute like earlier. Also, couples are not able to meet up in public.

But have they stopped loving? No. People have more time now, and other means of communication like the use of online video-calling apps are in use in their full swing.

Many people are learning newer skills and are improving their creativity manifold. Lovers who could not manage to stay away despite the strict imposition of the lockdown rule can now show their creativity in their proposal.

Here Are Some Romantic Engagement Proposals Ideas For Making A Love Proposal To Your Soul Mate:

1- Make a Foreign Tour in Your City

How often have you dreamt of going to Paris or Rio de Janeiro for making your marriage proposal? Did you plan your long holiday but were unfortunate not to get the opportunity to complete it?

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Use the creativity that you have developed during the lockdown and use it for proposing your soulmate. Draw an Eiffel tower on a wall, be sure to make it instagramable and exchange your diamond engagement rings underneath it.

2- Go on a Picnic in Your Park

We love picnicking; the excitement of going out and the adventures fill us with joy. Thus, an outing is a favourite way of making a marriage proposal.

The COVID-19 lockdown has not barred us from expressing our love to our loved one, then why should it hinder us from proposing it? Go on a picnic in your park, grab an engagement ring and exchange it with your lover, and transform your steady relationship into a life-long commitment.

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3- Propose On the Coffee Table

One of the best ways to propose is on the coffee table. The coffee table is the place where we spend time with someone we are deeply in love with. Do not make the proposal verbally, ask for a couple of coffee mugs with your love quote like ‘I love you.’, ‘Marry Me.’ or so.

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4- Let It Go In the Air

There’s nothing more exhilarating than an engagement proposal being seen by the whole world, I mean, not literally though. One of the best quarantine proposals ideas is to write you love quote on a series of balloons tied together.


These were some engagement proposals ideas during the COVID-19 quarantine. You can propose for engagement during the lockdown and be sure to get a positive response from your life partner-to-be.

These methods of the proposal do not need travelling long distances or spending steeply. But they give you and your soulmate the same feeling.

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