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How Much You Should Really Spend on A Lab Diamond for Ring: Expert Advice

September 20, 2021
Lab Created and Lab Grown Diamonds

Do you want to learn more about Lab grown diamonds before going out to find the perfect engagement ring? Have you ever wondered how much natural diamonds cost versus diamonds created in a lab? Begin your diamond carat investigation with us.

What Is the Typical Carat Weight of a Lab Diamond?

Lab diamonds also quite popularly known as Lab created diamonds as well as Lab grown diamonds come in a variety of forms, sizes, and carat weights, just like naturally mined diamonds.

How Much Should I Spend on A Lab Diamond for Ring?

Any diamond size you can think of can be found and mined certainly in nature, as well as in a lab setting with controlled environment. A 1-carat lab-produced diamond in complete size weighs .2 gm or 200mg. The weight in grammes doubles every 1 carat of lab diamond. The average lab diamond for an engagement ring is one carat, similar to naturally mined diamonds.

Price of Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds:

There is no defined price difference between diamonds that are mined naturally and diamonds that are manufactured in a lab of equal size and form. There is a reason for that, that is just like with jewellery created with naturally mined and lab diamonds, the shape, size, cut and clarity all have a role in the pricing.

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However, there is some good news: a few diamond dealers and specialists have crunched the data to come up with some typical price disparities between mined and Lab created diamonds for rings. While these figures are subject to change, it is estimated that buying a 1-carat lab-produced diamond can save you up to 40%.

Myth Buster:

The idea that “lab diamonds” are false and not like Natural diamonds is a widespread one. This is untrue! Only synthetic or artificial diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, are termed “fake” diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are completely genuine so is lab grown diamonds jewelry.

The pricing and the environment in which the diamonds form are the only distinctions. Lab diamonds are created in a controlled atmosphere under the supervision of diamond experts with the same physical, chemical, and visual qualities as natural diamonds.

Cost of a Carat of Lab-Grown Diamond:

The cost of a lab-grown diamond and natural diamonds engagement rings in the UK will almost certainly vary depending on where you buy them and whether you order one that is mass-produced or one that is custom-made. There will almost certainly be a price difference between those purchased in a physical store and those acquired online.

However, the average price of a 1-carat lab-produced diamond is between $800 and $1,000 per carat. You can also use this estimate to figure out how much a 2-carat lab-grown diamond costs, as well as a 3-carat lab-grown diamond cost.