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Guide To Choose Perfect Styles of Engagement Ring Settings

February 15, 2021
Engagement ring settings

Engagement rings have certainly come a long way, and in today’s era, there are different styles from which you can get to choose the best according to your preferences. If you have no idea about picking the right engagement ring settings, then we have got your back. The settings denote the ways, in which the gemstones are mounted or set within the metal band. The entire ring setting shall enrich the overall beauty of the engagement ring.

Upcoming is a well-researched set of tips that you must read through to understand the nuances involved in picking the perfect engagement ring setting.

Set Up a Standard by Choosing Bezel Ring Settings

The bezel wedding ring settings are quite famous for the modernised look, which has let many people choose this type of ring setting over others. The ring setting focuses on the diamond, which gets centrally located and wrapped along with the rim. The overall stylish setting that has been done on-board mainly protects the diamond and lets everyone pay attention to the sparking effect of this attractive setting. If you have been following an active lifestyle, then pick the bezel ring settings.

Semi Mount Diamond Rings

Iconic Prong Ring Settings

The prong has been recognised as the most commonly used wedding ring settings that feature the slim metal arms securely cradling the respective diamond by the girdle. The prong gets tapered carefully and angled to the bezel facets of the diamonds. The prong setting is well-known for lifting the diamond stone way high above the provided band, letting the light pass through the diamond from every other angle. This way, the entire ring setting shall sparkle and look outstanding when compared to other popular solitaire, Trilogy and Halo ring settings and mountings.

Engagement Ring Mountings

Sparkle the Wedding Night with Bead Ring Settings

In bead type of engagement ring settings, the round metal pieces get raised starting from the surface part and shall be used as prongs to hold every other involved gemstone rightly. This particular type of engagement ring mounts features unique accent stones. The metal bead does reflect light and sparkles efficiently when worn.

Enhance the Middle Stone with Halo Rings

The glittering halo ring is a distinctive ring setting in which the gemstone gets encircled and enclosed along with the number of chosen diamonds. This way, you will be able to achieve an innovative visual impression that lets the diamond strike better when witnessed from any angle. Back in the 1920s, the Halo engagement rings came into existence, and today you can purchase them with a unique modern twist.

Diamond Ring Settings with Rose Gold

The cut created in the semi mount diamond rings is crucial, which does showcase the beauty and brilliance of the diamonds located at the middle part of the created ring design. The round diamonds and princess cut remain the most popular choices; yet, oval and cushion are other uniquely shaped diamonds that are respectively in demand all through the year.

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