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Engagement Ring Trends for 2021 – How to Buy?

November 18, 2020
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The year 2021 is just a few weeks away, and that means, it is the time to search for new trends already. And that also means that the proposal season is around the corner too. So, if you are looking for engagement ring designs, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Well, we all have been through an intense phase in 2020. So, it is time to prepare for 2021 strongly. And since we all need a crisp, daring and secured start towards the future, we bring you a list of classic, colourful and intricate wedding ring trends.

Stick Around The Blog To Unveil The Top Five 2021 Trendy Engagement Ring Styles:-

1- The Classic Solitaire:

The classic and faithful old solitaire design is back on the top. Well, let us tell the fact that classic solitaires never went out of style. Women have always loved to flaunt the dramatic yet iconic cushion cut centre diamond.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Now, you can work along with the jewellery designer and bring a little twist to the classic solitaire by changing the diamond’s cut or the colour of the metal shank.

2- The Three-Stone Ring:

The next on the list is the three-stone diamond ring. You must have seen your mom or aunt flaunt a classic three-stone ring, except the diamond would have replaced the birthstone.

Cape Town Three Stone Diamond Rings Essex

You can choose to keep all the three stones in the same size or opt for one big diamond and two smaller ones. Regardless of what you choose, the bling will always stay.

3- Say Hello to “Halo”:

Let us just say that Halo rings never go out of fashion because you will find halo rings in almost every New Year’s trend. In fact, halo rings give you the option to maximize the bling as you get to clutter many tiny diamonds around the massive stone in between.

Magnolia Halo Engagement Ring for Women

Modern Halo rings are perfectly cut. And that is the main reason why they sparkle so brilliantly.

4- The Priceless Offset Stones:

Let the diamonds float the air. Well, not obviously, but use the illusion to do so. The Offset stone rings are a perfect option to maximize the brilliance of your diamond while still looking modern.

And when it comes to the band, there are many things you can do. Either opt for sleek lines or choose from the spiral detailing.  

5- Quirky Pastels and Sophisticated Blacks:

Going pastel or opting for black stone is the emerging diamond jewellery designs for brideMany brides who love to look different choose to go unconventional way. So, introduce her favourite colour in her ring.

You can choose most popular pastel-coloured diamonds like aquamarine or morganite. For darker colours, opt for emerald.  

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Wrapping Up

Wedding jewellery that can either be the engagement ring or the bridal jewellery set, everything matters a lot to the bride. So, make sure that you pick the ring based on what she likes.

But, don’t forget the trend, women love trendy pieces too. So, use the style tips mentioned above to ensure she is happiest with your selection.

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