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Do You Wear The Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

January 24, 2022
diamond engagement rings

Wearing the diamond engagement rings on your wedding day is one question brides ask while choosing their wedding band. Since it is the tradition in a majority of western nations, the wedding band is the primary ring on your wedding ring finger after engagement and eternity ring.

Many girls often put the wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. Both the wedding band and engagement ring are worn on the left hand’s right finger. As a wedding ring is more valuable and close to the heart, it is often put on first before the engagement ring. Looking for the best solitaire engagement rings or antique halo diamond rings? Schedule an appointment with Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers, one of the most reputed jewellery stores in the city.

Wedding rings are a sign of eternal love and affection. That’s why they are more considerable compared to any solitaire style engagement rings or antique style engagement rings. But, an engagement ring is also a sign of commitment to the relationship. Therefore, should you wear an engagement ring at the time of your wedding? It is all up to you.

diamond engagement rings

But, wearing your engagement ring would be a great idea. A halo diamond ring is a memento of the day, while the major question that would result in a long-term commitment to the relationship was asked. Let us talk about what you should keep in mind while deciding to wear your engagement ring at your wedding.

  1. Before the Wedding

Based on the timespan you have worn the engagement ring, it may be a great time for a checkup. It will seem devastating if anything happens to your engagement ring during your wedding. Thus, you may think about having the ring checked or assessed by an expert who can discover signs of damage or other faults. If you are eager to wear the ring at the time of your wedding ceremony, you can have it bonded together with the wedding band so you about to be husband can put both the rings on your finger at the time of your swears. Ensure that both the Halo diamond engagement rings are cleaned prior to the ceremony’s commencement.

  1. During the Ceremony

Place your halo engagement rings on the right ring finger following the ceremony. Afterwards, you can put it on the left finger. This way, both the wedding ring and engagement ring will be placed correctly.

What else you can do is just leave the engagement ring on the left finger and place the wedding ring over it. Later on, the order of the ring can be adjusted.

  1. Following the Ceremony

Strive to ensure that your solitaire style engagement rings and wedding rings are spotless at the time of the wedding. Stay away from activities like smashing cakes into each other’s faces when you both have worn the rings. This may lead to finding cake pieces within the prongs that you’ll need to clear out.  Therefore, taking off the rings before this instance is a good idea.

Summing Up:

Whether to wear both the solitaire diamond engagement ring and the wedding ring on your wedding day depends on your preference. Consider cleaning both the rings in advance and take great care of them during the ceremony. Want to buy a lovely diamond wedding ring for the big day? Reach out to the most trustworthy jewellers, Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers.

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