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Do You Wear The Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

January 18, 2022
diamond engagement rings

Wearing the diamond engagement rings on your wedding day is one question brides ask while choosing their wedding band. Since it is the tradition in a majority of western nations, the wedding band is the primary ring on your wedding ring finger after engagement and eternity ring.

Many girls often put the wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. Both the wedding band and engagement ring are worn on the left hand’s right finger. As a wedding ring is more valuable and close to the heart, it is often put on first before the engagement ring. Looking for the best solitaire engagement rings or antique halo diamond rings? Schedule an appointment with Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers, one of the most reputed jewellery stores in the city.

Wedding rings are a sign of eternal love and affection. That’s why they are more considerable compared to any solitaire style engagement rings or antique style engagement rings. But, an engagement ring is also a sign of commitment to the relationship. Therefore, should you wear an engagement ring at the time of your wedding? It is all up to you.

diamond engagement rings

But, wearing your engagement ring would be a great idea. A halo diamond ring is a memento of the day, while the major question that would result in a long-term commitment to the relationship was asked. Let us talk about what you should keep in mind while deciding to wear your engagement ring at your wedding.

  1. Before the Wedding

Based on the timespan you have worn the engagement ring, it may be a great time for a checkup. It will seem devastating if anything happens to your engagement ring during your wedding. Thus, you may think about having the ring checked or assessed by an expert who can discover signs of damage or other faults. If you are eager to wear the ring at the time of your wedding ceremony, you can have it bonded together with the wedding band so you about to be husband can put both the rings on your finger at the time of your swears. Ensure that both the Halo diamond engagement rings are cleaned prior to the ceremony’s commencement.

  1. During the Ceremony

Place your halo engagement rings on the right ring finger following the ceremony. Afterwards, you can put it on the left finger. This way, both the wedding ring and engagement ring will be placed correctly.

What else you can do is just leave the engagement ring on the left finger and place the wedding ring over it. Later on, the order of the ring can be adjusted.

  1. Following the Ceremony

Strive to ensure that your solitaire style engagement rings and wedding rings are spotless at the time of the wedding. Stay away from activities like smashing cakes into each other’s faces when you both have worn the rings. This may lead to finding cake pieces within the prongs that you’ll need to clear out.  Therefore, taking off the rings before this instance is a good idea.

Summing Up:

Whether to wear both the solitaire diamond engagement ring and the wedding ring on your wedding day depends on your preference. Consider cleaning both the rings in advance and take great care of them during the ceremony. Want to buy a lovely diamond wedding ring for the big day? Reach out to the most trustworthy jewellers, Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers.

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How Can I Surprise My Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

January 18, 2022
valentines day engagement rings

Every woman in this world likes surprises. If your girlfriend says she doesn’t like surprises, she might be lying. Have you already planned the Valentine’s Day gift for her, or you will think about that? Since you don’t have much time to think, this guide can help in giving you the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Let us first discuss the last-minute Valentine’s Day proposal ideas.

Some Best Romantic Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022!

  1. Propose to Her at the Photobooth

This is a very cute and romantic proposal idea. Reach out to a place where you can find a photobooth. After that, step inside the photobooth with your girlfriend and whisk out the diamond engagement ring for Valentine’s Day. Then ask the question before the photobooth starts to take the photos. This proposal idea is joyful and fascinating, and it will surely end your day with some cute pictures of your romantic proposal moment.

  1. Scavenger Hunt Proposal

If you are seeking a jolly and novel way to propose to your crush, think about planning a scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day. Give your girl her first hint and tell her that you have got a gift for her at their last objective. After that, organize a scavenger hunt that will have them discover your town and visit a few popular sites within your relationship. In the final phase of the scavenger hunt, present her best Valentine’s Day jewellery gift, a diamond ring, or necklace.

  1. Night-In Proposal

There are people who would adore an adventurous experience or a splendid gesture while proposing their crush.  But, some might choose to express their feelings in a more private space. To have a more personal and intimate experience, plan a night-in proposal.

  1. Recreate A Special Moment With Her

It is a sweet idea to recreate a special day or moment within your relationship as you propose. To execute this idea or plan, you need to first think about the moment you wish to recreate. Most individuals consider the moment they got to know that she is the one. The moment can be your first meeting, first kiss, or the first time you said those three magic words.

Once you have selected the perfect moment, do your best to recreate as much of the moment as you can. Settle on the right location, the food, the background music, etc. After that, as you kneel down and propose to her, be certain to explain the unique significance behind the day. To make this special moment more special, propose to her by presenting any Valentine’s Day jewellery gifts before her.


Knowing your partner’s taste and likings is very important. You can surprise her by bringing jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day during the proposal. These gifts can be Valentine’s Day engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. Choose Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers to buy the most valuable gift for your love this love season.

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Shop Our Amazing Clearance Jewellery Sale before New Year Eve

December 28, 2021

New Year and Christmas are the most exciting times of the year. People waited for November and December to plan their party for such exciting days. On the other hand, women’s wish to wear new dresses and purchase new jewelleries for these occasions. They have already decided what they want to wear but are unable to select the jewellery relating to their dress. However, some people want to gift jewellery to their special ones. But are unable to decide what to buy and from where to buy.

Hence, the solution is to purchase the best jewellery whether it is diamond or gold from the Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers. Also, we are back with an amazing jewellery clearance sale. So, why look after others when you can get the best jewellery gifts for your loved ones from us.

Vouch for Us in No Time!

We are the leading online jewellers that provide best holiday deals and Christmas clearance sales online. Our customers have already shown trust in us and come back every time to purchase any Christmas diamond jewellery gifts. Thus, we have a record of selling the best quality that goes with customer satisfaction. If you are looking for top-notch products then visit us.

However, we also understand the value of your time. Therefore, we make sure to provide the quality that is best suited to you and according to your requirements. Christmas is a special occasion for the people around the world. Thus, it should be celebrated with proper enthusiasm. And to make your Christmas Eve more special, we have brought a Christmas clearance sale online. Here, you may buy the unique and best designer jewels as a gift for your loved one this Christmas season.

Get the Best Clearance Sale on Every Product!

Christmas and New Year is the time of the year when you plan for parties and family gatherings. Therefore, they must be done with proper arrangements and planning. Also, planning includes what you should give during the Christmas and New Year party. So, the Coe’s Bespoke Jeweller provides the best Christmas deals 2021 to make your day more special.

Other than this, our cyber deals on jewellery attract most of the people to visit us. Thus, people are also fascinated by the services and product’s quality we provide to our customer’s during the New Year sale on jewellery. Moreover, if you are looking for wedding shopping or any other event, then also you may visit us and get the best deals.

The Final Takeaway

Before purchasing New Year’s jewellery gifts, you need to be vigilant as there are many fraudsters online. So, make sure to select the authentic jewel shop online. Else, you may visit Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers for season-best offers.

The Source Link: https://www.marketpressrelease.com/Shop-Our-Amazing-Clearance-Jewellery-Sale-before-New-Year-Eve-1640337764.html


The Ultimate Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas for Every Budget

December 24, 2021
Christmas clearance sale online

Christmas and New Year are all set to come this time with more excitement and precious memories. So, are you looking for a gifting special like diamond jewellery or gold jewellery? Then, end your search at Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers.

We are one of the most trusted jewellers for providing cyber deals on jewellery that you want to buy. Thus, below is a complete guide on what to purchase as a Christmas gift for every budget. Also, we have introduced our incredible Christmas deals 2021. So, why wait for more? Grab them now!

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Every Budget

November has finally been here, and we are overjoyed. Instead of gushing about how much we adore this time of year, we’ve decided to focus on just one thing today: the gifts! So, this holiday season, innovate your gift-giving game by opting for quality Christmas diamond jewellery or gold jewellery. Are you concerned about the price? Don’t worry; we have something for everyone! Take a peek at our favourite picks for every price range.

Christmas clearance sale online

  • Range Under $150

Keep in mind that minimalism is crucial while shopping for jewellery in this price range. Rather than focusing on the carat size, choose a superior stone and metal quality. Thus, you can have earrings, bracelets, rings, and even pendants under this range for diamonds and gold with our jewellery clearance sale.

  • Range Under $500

With the increase in range, the value of stone increases. Thus, more strong love and connection will make between you and your special ones. If your budget comes under this price range, it will be best to choose jewellery gifts for Christmas with one or more gemstones. It may include ruby, sapphire, diamond, and even emerald.

  • Range Under $1000

This year, enhance the glam factor of your present by choosing a design that embodies the word “extravagance.” We recommend looking through our vintage-inspired and halo engagement rings style. These are the unique pieces of jewellery that you will adore. Also, enjoy the holiday deals on these unique jewels.

  • Range Above $1000

Artistic designs have always been and will continue to be popular. Everyone wants to be noticed, and wearing a one-of-a-kind piece of exquisite jewellery is a terrific way to do so. You can choose elaborate works that are contemporary, full of meaning, and completely eye-catching within this pricing range.

  • Range Under $1500

Under this range, you can gift a cypress diamond necklace in yellow gold or Lagos high bar caviar bracelet. They are both best suited for Christmas special gifts. Hence, you can enjoy a Christmas clearance sale online with Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers. Also, you can buy 14k white gold halo diamond stud earrings or Roberto coin princess flower small white gold stud earrings with diamonds.

  • Range Under $2000

You must increase your thoughts with an increase in range before purchasing a solitaire engagement rings. Take a unique and one that your loved ones will remember. Such as diamond French pave rings in white gold and Roberto coin or classic yellow gold paperclip chain.


Trust us when we declare that receiving exquisite jewellery as a gift will make your loved ones ecstatic. Choose one of the aforementioned options from Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers and find the best New Year sale on jewellery.


The Perfect Jewellery Gift for New Years Eve Party

December 17, 2021

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming up in a few weeks; thus, we know that you are already jam-packed with invitations to parties and social gatherings. Whether you’re attending brunches, holiday parties, weddings, or family gatherings, the appropriate jewellery may enhance your appearance. However, you may enjoy the jewellery gifts sale with us and buy the perfect jewel for your partner to add something fresh to your jewellery box.

At Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers, you may purchase the most up-to-date jewellery, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd at the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration. Thus, you can also enjoy the New Year sale on jewellery.

Perfect Jewellery Gift for New Year’s Eve Celebration

Because the world is full of unexpected gifts, the secret of excitement is never solved. It is not typical that handmade or customized jewellery brings joy, and accessories bring in a new era. Thus, Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers provides the best clearance jewellery sale on New Year. It features jewellery that will dazzle women with appealing designs at a reasonable price. The most frequent gift-like item is available in Gold, Silver, and Diamond patterns, which are always popular.

New years jewellery sale

  • Diamond Or Gold Earrings

Gifts are the most precious things that generally people appreciate. Thus, one of the best gifts that can be given during the New Year’s Eve party to your special one is earrings. Earrings, for example, are sparkling gifts that enhance the appearance and show that you value your partner. The semi-ear cuffs are worth buying online as New Year jewellery gifts for your loved ones.

  • Elegance Of Necklace

The necklace is a must-have accessory for New Year’s jewellery gifts that requires a person to modify their entire look with elegance. The priceless material gives information about old culture and prominence. Gemstone’s acquisitions increase their riches and association, which alters their identity. Purchase well-designed jewellery to create a one-of-a-kind day.

  • Unique Design Bracelet

Bracelets are of cylindrical shape design which generally wears on the wrist. It not only improves the elegance of the women’s personalities but also enhances their style. The diamond material or gold material used in them makes it ideal for New Year’s Eve celebrations. So purchase jewellery for New Year with Coe’s Bespoke Jewellers.

  • Designer Anklets

The majority of individuals believe that women are conforming to societal norms. From a youngster to a newlywed woman, anklets that represent cultural norms are preferred. Even though gold is not permitted to be used in anklets, some wealthy families choose to purchase it as a valuable adornment. The jingling sound of the tinkling bells denotes a woman’s identity.

  • Attractive Finger Rings

With various designs, the finger ring indicates commitments and values that demonstrate a lady is powerful and courageous. On our website, you may find different and unique designs for every finger size. If a female exhibits spiritualistic tendencies, the associated rings are appropriate for purchasing online.

The Bottom Line

Customers may find wide selections of fashionable accessories on the internet platform, which is a fantastic method to communicate affection. So, plan the day by giving your special one the best jewellery gift.

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Trending Rings to Buy from the Most Expensive Jewellery Brand

November 25, 2021
Finest Jewellery Online

Rings are one of the essential pieces when it comes to jewellery. It represents multiple emotions, social status, significance, and family roots. People wear jewellery for many reasons, be it religious purpose, fashionable purpose, etc. Diamond fashion jewellery has been trending for ages, which has also been the first choice of couples for their special day. However, there are multiple brands available in the market, which are not just expensive but also astonishing.

What Is Bespoke Jewellery Brand?

COE’s Bespoke Jewellers is one of the popular places for following fashion jewellery trends. The brand has nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, popular for designing alluring engagement rings. You can find all sorts of rings here, including diamond jewellery and wedding rings. Purchasing jewellery is one of the most significant investments of life; therefore, you need to be sure, while choosing one. If you are here to purchase your engagement ring from the fine jewellery collection, you have arrived in the right place. Here we will mention some trending ring options, which you can choose for your special occasion!

Finest Jewellery Online,

Florence Rings

Florence ring is a best jewellery for thanksgiving gifts, which goes with any occasion. It is stoned with marquise-shaped diamond and added to the centre. The beauty of Florence rings is inspired by Italy, which is nothing less than the art of antiquity. The best part is, it is handmade, and it can be customised in whichever shape and size you wish to be.

Valentina Rings

This beautiful custom luxury jewellery is a vintage-inspired ring in various shapes, styles, and sizes. The setting depends on the size you choose; however, most of them are in four setting claws. It is one of the most feminine ring options, which never goes out of trend.  If your special day is around the corner, it is one of the most recommended rings for you.

Finest Jewellery Online

Pave Engagement Rings

Pave diamond rings are one of the heaviest rings of all time, which is filled with small and big diamonds in the centre and less metal. It is the perfect fashion jewellery ring for, who want to follow the trend. It is encrusted with diamond jewellery pieces, making it one of the beautiful rings of all time.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

Just like the other rings, side stone engagement rings are one of the popular choices for couples. The side stone rings are combined with two or smaller diamonds to compliment the overall look. It adds brilliance and makes the ring look shine more. So, purchase this ring for your special day, if you want to shine just like the diamonds. This piece is going to compliment your look for sure!

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How Much Should A Man Spend On A Wedding Ring: Expert’s Tips

October 15, 2021
Wedding Rings For Women

Hundreds of couples get hitched every day and they go through the same dilemma as you are going through. How much to spend on diamond wedding rings? Every person goes through the same every time when they plan for their wedding. Planning a budget strategically can be a really tough job and sometimes the whole process becomes quite overwhelming.

And that is why today we will discuss how much anyone should spend on their wedding ring sets and why.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that wedding rings for women and men are two of the biggest checklist items for any wedding, without which the ceremony won’t be complete. And so, you have to buy a wedding ring even if you have a very tight budget.

The average cost of a wedding ring for a male is near about $500 or so whereas a female wedding ring can cost an average of $1,000. The price varies due to the metal that has been used, whether it is gold, rose gold, white gold, sterling silver, or platinum. The price can also vary if any precious stone is there in the ring whether it’s a solitaire diamond or small diamond setting.

Wedding Ring Sets

You can save some money if you go for matching wedding rings as they come in set most of the time. If you go for customized gold wedding rings for couples, that can cost considerably higher. You have to decide on your complete wedding budget and then think about the ring budget.

According to the experts, always keep a comfortable and flexible budget for your wedding rings and make sure that does not break your bank. If you do not have a hefty budget, do not go for diamond wedding ring sets as they can cost a fortune sometimes. You can easily look for sterling silver rings or fashionable bands that are not much expensive.

You can wait for a good sale to purchase your dream wedding rings so that you can get great discounts on them. Or you can try online websites that offer great deals throughout the year so that you can browse for thousands of different styles and designs before you choose one. You just need to make sure that you get all the authentic certificates for the metals and the precious stones.

Look for a trusted and reputed jeweller always as they will never deal with any fraud. As buying a ring is an expensive purchase, do not buy a ring or any jewellery other than a renowned jeweller around you. They make sure you have the most memorable buying experience ever. You can look for the recent styles and designs for wedding rings for women and men at the most reasonable budget at: